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Got a cool patch design for your BJJ team, gym or website?

Let us work on some high quality dye sublimation printing.

It’s fast and… we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS 24/7 ;)

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100% MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the purchase you have paid for, you may return it with a note describing why you are disappointed and we will promptly issue a full refund.

100% ‘WE’LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU’ GUARANTEE: We strive for order accuracy. In the event that you do not receive the correct order within the expecting shipping timeframe, we’ll refund you – no questions asked. Online tracking tools are used in order to verify delivery or non-delivery.

This is how patches are ordered here at PatchYourGi.com:

Placing a bulk order with PatchYourGi™ is really easy and takes around 7 minutes on a sunny day.

Our heroic team of hard working patch-printing-jedis is patiently waiting for your order in a very peaceful and calm state of mind ;-) Here’s how everything works here at PatchYourGi™.

1. You can select options for your product, Size, Shape and Quantity in the Shop. After you choose size/shape and quantity press the “Add to cart” button, and online system will estimate your ENORMOUS BULK DISCOUNTS automatically. >>>Go and try it, its free!>>>

2. Then you have all your order details and BULK DISCOUNTS, and you can Proceed to Checkout, filling all the required data filed there.*
* It’s a smart move to create a personal account when checkout. It is not obligatory, but having it done you will be able to track your order’s progress, check and download your designs from ‘My Account’ page.

Checkout processing are secured by 2Checkout.com one of the safest payment processors in the world.

3. After checkout you will be redirected to our ‘Thank You Page’ for confirmation of your order placed.


We need them for making your order :-)
You can upload either *jpeg, *png, *gif, *pdf, *cdr, *ai and *eps files there. All of them are checked manually by our Production Team, so you can have no worries about their quality.

4. We start printing your patches – It takes approximately 24 hours for your order to be fully processed and the printing process to start. Our approximate turn around time from the very beginning till patches are shipped out is 5 business days.

You are only 4 steps away from a brand new set of patches. Place your order today!


This is how patches are made here at PatchYourGi.com:

1) High-tech inkjet printer prints every pixel of your patch with love to the Jiu-Jitsu on special dye-sublimation paper.

2) Printed paper, polyester fabric and cotton self-adhesive substrate are put into our special high-temperature press where image, polyester and cotton become a single unique custom HQ BJJ patch, which would be more durable than your Gi ;)

3) Cutting patches out

4) Handsome young seamstresses carefully finish edges of your patches.

Now they are ready to be sewn on your Gi!

You are only 4 steps away from a brand new set of patches. Place your order today!