Understanding BJJ Patches Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts

Knowing the proper etiquette for BJJ patches on your competition gi, as well as for the ordinary training one is very important.

In Your Gym

Depending on the gym, your instructor, the overall tradition and level of strictness in your school, certain patches may or may not be allowed. In most of the cases, traditional schools like Gracie Academy, Royce Gracie Academy and Renzo Gracie Academy will insist on only one single branded patch on the back of your gi, while other more liberal BJJ academies like BJJ Globetrotters, ran by Christian Graugart, will give you total freedom in regards to where you want to sew or place a particular patch. Even more, they will allow you to wear any patch, regardless of affiliation, sponsorship, etc.

At a Competition

Usually, local BJJ competition aren’t as strict in regards to your fighting uniform and overall BJJ patches etiquette as the major IBJJF ones, where fighters can easily be disqualified should they not meet the compulsory BJJ placement requirements. Below we are going to add the official image from the IBJJ’s website that clearly explains the spots where a fighter can properly sew or stick any school affiliation or sponsor patch.

ibjjf uniform gi patch placement and etiquette

By observing the image above, you can clearly see the DOs and can probably easily figure out the DON’Ts when it comes to sewing, sticking or placing your favorite custom bjj patches. Most gi producers out there like Tatami Fightwear, for example, are aware of the International BJJ Federation Uniform rules and will take that into consideration before producing a certain kimono for Jiu-Jitsu and attaching the default patches. Nevertheless, before buying one for your next competition, please make sure you consult with your coach and visit this page once again or go straight to IBJJF’s official one in order to make sure you are not breaking any rules and will be allowed to fight (and win).

These are the basic things that you need to know about the BJJ patches etiquette in your dojo as well as for competitions. It’s really nothing as complicated as most beginners think it is. One more thing though, please make sure these sewn custom gi patches can’t be ripped off easily when grappling. Sometimes this could be yet another reason for a disqualification during a BJJ match.

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