Build a truly united BJJ family.
One patch at a time.


Increase the retention rate of your new students.
Motivate them to represent their country, academy or sponsors.


There are 3 main reasons why you should choose PatchYourGi™ as your nr 1 source of super high quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi patches for your gym members.

1. Extremely competitive prices – Pay only $3.1 – $13.8 per patch when ordering Bulk Order. Take advantage of our ENORMOUS BULK DISCOUNTS of 19%-54% and more. Also enjoy our FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

2. Fast turn-around time – We’ll start printing your design in less than 24 hours. Patches will be shipped within 5 days.

3. We are also Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu geeks – PatchYourGi™ is ran exclusively by people who roll on a daily basis. We guarantee dedicated costumer service and promise you’ll always find a same minded person to talk to ;-)

It takes just 7 minutes to place an order and fill in the details. Get a new batch of patches now!

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